DICE on Battlefield V Vanity Items: They Need To Be Believable, We’re Not Creating Steampunk

Alessio Palumbo
Battlefield V

In an interview published on the latest PC Gamer magazine (issue 320, August 2018), DICE Producer Andreas Morrell talked briefly about the vanity items that will be available in Battlefield V.

If you recall, there were several complains in the community upon the release of the debut trailer precisely for vanity items on display. However, Morrell explained that nothing that wasn't used will be added.

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It needs to be believable. It needs to fit with the era. We're not creating a steampunk universe or anything like that. But if it was used, we can have it. Doing research for this, we stumbled across a guy called ‘Mad Jack' Churchill, a British guy who was part of the Norwegian campaign. He was the only one who's got a confirmed kill with a sword in World War Il. He used to go into battle with a bagpipe and a Scottish broadsword.

So I wouldn't be surprised if we included a bagpipe as an item because there was one crazy guy who used it.

Battlefield V is currently available for a few select Origin users to play in the Closed Alpha PC test. If you weren't lucky enough to be selected, at least you can check out new gameplay footage from the test. If you were, you can freely share your opinion of the Alpha anywhere, even in the comments right here.

Battlefield V is due for release on October 19th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, Origin Access on PC and EA Access on Xbox One will grant limited access to the game a week early, while Origin Access Premier will grant unrestricted access a week early. Moreover, those who purchase the Deluxe Edition on any platform will be able to play three days early (as well as receiving several customization items with the pack).

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