Diablo II Resurrected Switch Version “Runs Like Butter”, Blizzard Says; Fans Will be Happy With the PS5 & XSX Versions


The two key developers behind Diablo II Resurrected, principal designer Rob Gallerani and lead graphics engineer Kevin Todisco, have talked about how the game will look and run on the Nintendo Switch, and the next-gen consoles.

The remastered version of the all-time classic launches later this week on various platforms, and due to the lack of a beta on Nintendo’s hybrid platform, fans of the game (us included) are wondering how the game will look and run on the Switch. Diablo III on the Switch was quite a great experience, and according to the remaster’s lead graphics engineer, surely won’t be disappointed by the game’s showing on Nintendo’s platform.

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“I think it’s running like butter”, Gallerani said in a new interview with Venturebeat. “I like playing it in the undocked portable mode. But yeah, with all of our consoles, we built them for that experience. We didn’t want it to feel like we just ported a PC game to the console. We wanted it to be what was right for that console. We’ve taken a lot of things into consideration with the Switch, especially if you play it in portable mode. Everything is a lot tinier. Just the overall attention to things like, how big is the font? How are things laid out on the screen? Those are all things that had to cater to that device to play up its strengths.”

Todisco adds, “Same goes for a lot of the 3D visuals. It’s tailoring the experience for that smaller screen, the handheld screen that can be swapped out for a larger screen if you dock the console. With every platform we make sure that we tailor the technology to give the best experience on that particular platform. The Switch version is very good. I think people are going to enjoy it, being able to take it on the go for the first time.”

As for the game running on the next-gen consoles, Todisco said that these native PS5 and XSX versions will look the best they can.

“It’s all about pretty graphics”, the graphics engineer explained. “We want them to look the best they possibly can, to represent those platforms, and also perform likewise. I think people are going to be happy with the next-gen versions of the game giving them the best visual experience we can possibly give them.”

Diablo II Resurrected launches later this week on September 23rd for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X|S.