Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.4 Introduces Legacy Graphics Emulation, AI and Gameplay Improvements and More


A new Diablo II: Resurrected patch has gone live, introducing Legacy Graphics Emulation options alongside other tweaks and improvements.

Patch 2.4 new Legacy Graphics Emulation options allow the user to choose between 3 different emulation options for the Legacy graphics

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New Feature - Legacy Graphics Emulation

  • There is now an option in the Graphics Settings Menu under 'Legacy' that allows you to choose between 3 different emulation options for the Legacy game graphics. The options are 'GDI', 'Glide', and 'Resurrected'.
    • 'GDI' emulates the software rasterization of the original legacy game and does not apply any filtering
    • 'Glide' emulates the hardware accelerated backend of the original legacy game with bilinear filtering
    • 'Resurrected' uses the Glide emulation with additional fixes in place to address an artifact that would occur with the original Glide rendering

The new Diablo II: Resurrected patch also includes a lot of other quality of life improvements, including AI and gameplay improvements.


  • Added language support for non-ASCII written language
  • Added player messaging for when a player tries to launch the game on an out of date patch version
  • Added 'Message of the Day' capabilities to the main menu to allow us to share important game updates with all players


  • Improved the reliability of pets, summons, and mercenaries teleporting to the player instead of being despawned


  • Updated Barbarian Leap and Leap attack animation behavior to give it a smoother trajectory that should keep the Barbarian on-screen at all times, and reduce jerkiness when he lands

Character Selection

  • Newly created characters will now sort to the top of the character selection list


  • When holding down a mouse button to target an enemy with a skill, the skill will continue to execute after that target dies
  • Minimap will now automatically re-open after death if you had it open prior to dying
  • Arrow and Bolt max quantity increased to 500
  • Throwing weapon quantity has been increased by 50%
  • Blocking will no longer interrupt a player while performing a skill or attack. If a player character triggers a block during this time, the damage will still be negated, but the animation will not play
  • Changed how attack speed is determined while dual-wielding weapons. Swapping weapons between hands should no longer result in dramatically different attack speeds
  • Character hit recovery will now have diminishing returns when being hit by another player
  • Quick cast skills behavior has been unified such that left click quick cast skills behave in the way the right click behavior operated

The Diablo II: Resurrected 2.4 introduces plenty of other changes as well. Full patch notes can be found on Blizzard's official website.

Diablo II: Resurrected is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide.

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