Devil May Cry Pre-Order Bonuses, Weapon Skins & Bonus Upgrades Galore


Devil May Cry may have turned over a new leaf with Capcom's promise of no On-Disc content (even though Capcom more recently hid content on Resident Evil 6) But it seems that the same old habits of Pre-order bonuses are hard to break especially when the items for grabs are so tempting!. While the pre order bonuses are mostly weapon skins and a few bonus upgrades there isn't really anything here that will unbalance the game or make it any easier as some pre-order bonuses tend to do, considering the fun of Devil May Cry has always been mindless or even strategic hack and slash it would be a shame to see the game fall prey to over powered weapons exclusive to preorder buyers.

Devil May Cry will come with the following preorder bonuses

Devil May Cry Pre-Order from Amazon

Will nail you the Bone weapons which turn his scythe, axe and shotgun into bone weapons (skin of course) and you also get the Orb Harvester which lets you collect extra red orbs to help you upgrade your weapons and abilities. This is a great way to give you an added advantage at the start of the game.

Devil May Cry Pre-Order from EB Games / Gamestop

Will get you the Samurai pack which turns your weapons into "Samurai Devastators" and in addition you will get three free upgrade points to instantly upgrade weapons / abilities or buy items so spend them wisely.

Devil May Cry Pre-Order from Best Buy

Will get you the Gold Pack that as you may have already guessed turns all your weapons to gold and you also get the "Item finder" to help track down hidden items in the game. This is especially handy to people looking for collectibles which may be attached to a trophy / achievement upon the games release!.

As you can see the following pre-order bonuses while tempting aren't really that damaging to the game per say, aside from the three point upgrade I see the rest as perfectly good purchases especially the item finder considering that it is probable that Capcom will make collectibles a trophy / achievement in the game.

Devil May Cry releases on January 15th 2013 for the XBOX 360 / PS3 in North America and on a later date for the PC.