Capcom Promises Devil May Cry Will Not Have on Disc Content


Capcom and EA are synonymous with having on disc content locked away and have been known to follow this practice in many previous and latest games but it seems that Capcom is having a change of heart as they boldly claim that Devil May Cry (the upcoming reboot) will NOT have on disc content locked away as "future DLC" and they are indeed planning on shipping a complete game. This seems too good to be true consider the company is infamous for their after launch DLC practices with many games in the past but maybe they are finally turning over a new leaf.

As I mentioned earlier it seems that Capcom has promised that their upcoming Devil May Cry scheduled for PS3, XBOX 360 and the PC (We all know this is not true and that the PC version will be pushed forward. Look at Resident Evil 6) for January 5th 2013 won't have any on disc DLC locked away for future purchase by the consumer. it seems that the company's priority will be to shipped the finished game first and then follow it up with (possibly) online downloadable content which seems appropriate but on disc DLC will always be frowned upon by the gaming community of all kinds and rest assured that when the game will launch it will only be a matter of hours until certain gamers dissect the game internally and determine whether there really is any on disc content locked away or not hidden by the company.

A Statement issued by Capcom Producer Alex Jones (Taken from Source):

“Right now we’re focusing on getting the main game done. DLC is always an option but right now we’re focusing getting [DMC] on, but if we do [DLC], it will not be on the disc,”...“We’ll be definitive about that – it will not be on the disc”

So it's not difficult to say that future DLC is a possibility if not completely probable but at least we (hopefully) won't have to worry about any future gamers complaining about Capcom being called out for having hidden on disc DLC upon the games launch.

I know many gamers are probably taking this news with a ton of pessimism but maybe it would be worth giving them a chance now and then, I mean do we really have a choice?