Devil May Cry 5 High-Level, Spoiler-Free Gameplay Stream Now Live


Devil May Cry 5 is finally releasing next week on PC and consoles, and Capcom is showing more and more of the game, giving players glimpses of what to expect.

If you are eagerly anticipating the game, a spoiler-free gameplay stream is now live on Capcom Fighters official Mixer channel. The livestream will feature three highly skilled players like RedgraveKyo using Dante, and community manager Matthew Edwards using V. Nero gameplay will also be featured, but the player hasn't been revealed.

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Last week, we have learned that very little additional content will be released for Devil May Cry 5 after release. According to producer Matt Walker, there are no plans for additional DLC following the Bloody Palace DLC, which will be released this April. The game is also not going to feature alternate outfits outside those with alt colors provided as a preorder bonus.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in all regions on March 8th. You can check out our preview to learn more about V, the game's brand new playable character.

The idea of playing as V, a guy who has a dedicated button to recite William Blake poetry during combat (yes, I know) should be enough to disgust me. But I’m looking past all of that because V is just far too much fun to play. I can’t wait to unlock his full repertoire when Devil May Cry 5 comes out, become as familiar with him as I have all of the other Devil May Cry characters and spend an ungodly amount of time suffering the Bloody Palace.