Devil May Cry HD Collection Gets A Release Date

Although the date for the DmC HD collection has been 2012 it wasn’t known which Quarter or month the game would be released, but the people at Capcom-Unity have given a release to their highly anticipated HD Collection which is set to contain Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry: Dante’s awakening.  Much like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection the game will feature old classics with better textures, trophies and achievement support and more bonus goodies too.

Capcom-Unity has officially given a release date to Devil May Cry HD Collection; the game will be available on April 3rd 2012 for the super low price of $39.99 which is $20 cheaper than a retail game these days holding only one game. While remaking HD games has become a growing trend now a day’s thanks to popular demand (recently Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X were released as HD Remakes with trophy and achievement support for the 360 and the PS3) and Metal Gear Solid HD collection too are good examples of used to be exclusives now being able to be played by people who missed their chance on the previous generation console.

I just hope that Devil May Cry HD Collection isn’t just a polish job which Capcom did with the Resident Evil HD remake(s), honestly the graphics were horrible and didn’t even deserve the HD name. Devil May Cry has always been a personal favorite of mine and made me fall in love with the hack and slash genre and being able to play these fantastic games again (Except for 2 which was okay) is really great but the true icing on the cake would have to be the original DmC which was truly outstanding in every aspect and is still one of my favorite PS2 games to date and I really can’t wait for the collection to come out so I can play my favorite classic.

2012 would really be the year of the Devil Slayer if they also release the ever so popular Devil May Cry reboot in the same year, but I am highly optimistic of it happening and look forward to enjoying all 4 games. 😀

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