New Devil May Cry Escape Trailer Shows More Gameplay

Capcom is releasing a Devil May Cry game in the near future and while the protagonist is slowly shaping up to something with a more positive from the community the new Dante just isn't the same one we know and love and he still has some emo left in him which makes us hate him. The new gameplay shows us a new type of sequence in the game where Dante will have to escape parts of the city with the walls closing in on him.  Everyone's favorite demon hunter will be coming back after a long time of silence on the consoles with a new game packed full of action.

The New Devil May Cry game does something which no previous Devil May Cry game has done yet, they address the presence of Dante and another person existing in different universes or worlds and still being able to communicate with each other and the girl helps Dante survive in his world by giving him hints on what to do as a ghost.

The new Trailer is something like a quick time event where a mistake can lead to Dante's Death, the walls will constantly close in on Dante until he reaches the objective and aside from the closing of walls players will also have to out maneuver lengthy jumps  in the process. While I like the new change and adds more variety to the gameplay my biggest complaint with the game still remains that the protagonist is not a true Dante and still needs to undergo serious cosmetic changes before the release date.

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