Devil May Cry 5 Trailer out!

TGS 2010 (Tokyo Game Show) has begun, and while nothing interesting made an appearance there was a show of Capcom where they showed a trailer to one of their most popular franchises the "Devil May Cry" Series, So far the trailer shows a new "Dante" but he is very different than the previous Devil May Cry games it could be that 5 would be a prequel to all the other showing a younger version of Dante, though it looks like he has a modified version of his sword of choice the "rebellion" there are some new tricks the sword can do which in terms are very similar to Dante's Scythe from Dante's Inferno (the part where he grabs the car).

Judging that he looks thinner, and a little shorter compared to the other games I am 99% sure that this game will give us a larger insight into the Demon Hunters past, since Devil May Cry 1 the story of Dante and his father Sparda has been told by side characters such as Trish. But maybe fans wanted to see first hand what Dante's past would have looked like? It is possible that we MIGHT see the legendary Sparda in this game and how Dante chose his path as a Demon Hunter?

Though the last Devil May Cry games were a bit of a disappointment I am hoping that this game will come out as a one hit wonder, The story of Devil May Cry is one of the most unique story lines I have ever heard though it lacks a bit of proper story structure here and there the game play and boss fights are always well imagined and are worth the game time.

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