Destruction AllStars Has A Ton of Post-Launch Content Coming

Brittany Vincent
Destruction AllStars

PlayStation 5 multiplayer destruction derby Destruction AllStars will have plenty of post-launch support when it arrives on the system.

In a new interview with Eurogamer, developers Sony xDev and Lucid Games have confirmed that there's a plan set up "for the forthcoming year" that ensures plenty of new updates for the title, and players will be able to access them as they slowly roll out.

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Here's what Sony xDev's John McLaughlin shared:

"The first couple of months is basically letting people play the game, get into the game, of course we’re gonna look at the analytics and look at what people are playing. While we’ve got a plan for the forthcoming year, we’ve got loads of cool stuff coming, we do want to engage with that community, we want to listen to what they’re saying."

Destruction AllStars will have plenty of support as a live service title, so it should have a reliable amount of additional content coming out as the days wear on.

There will be plenty of ways for players to make the game their own, from choosing their favorite hero out of 16 options, and learning their abilities. There are also various different vehicles to learn as well, adding another layer of strategy to the game.

There will be lots of updates coming up around the bend with additional heroes, abilities, and even vehicles at a later date. The first step is being good at the game (and then looking forward to more content) is to be good at it, though, and you'll have to have access to Destruction AllStars for that to happen.

The game will be a freebie for PlayStation Plus members when it launches on February 2 on PlayStation 5.

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