Destiny Update 2.0.1 Questions Answered by Bungie Themselves


Destiny received a very large update, clocking in at around 250-500MB, that brought back the Iron Banner event, added in microtransactions, included some performance improvements and fixed a lot of small bugs that have plagued Destiny for some time. But some of those new features in the update have brought up a lot of questions from fans, especially the inclusion of microtransactions.

Curious why some changes were made in Destiny 2.0.1?

Thankfully Bungie has heard our cries and have responded in kind, helping to answer a number of the bigger questions, though concerns surrounding microtransactions were not among the topics discussed here.

Bungie is definitely of the mind to listen to its player base and either explaining their decision or even taking that criticism into consideration for adjustments. Whatever they're doing with your feedback, their responses to the most asked questions are below

Indeed, we hear you. We’re looking at the data, as well. It’s too early to dig in and make any promises. We’ll talk more soon, once we get a full picture.
“Why am I not getting my Iron Banner rewards?”
Iron Banner has been both a test of skill and your best gear, as well as a way to get a new set of gilded armor and weapons. Legendary items won’t drop until you reach Rank 2 with Lord Saladin, and the pool expands as you continue to climb the ranks.
The premiere items we believe you’ll want to obtain are also available for purchase from Lord Saladin himself. Subsequent Iron Banner events will include additional pieces of gear.
“What are you doing about the lag in Iron Banner?”
If you’re manipulating network traffic, or if your connection is so bad that you’re unintentionally compromising the experience of other players, we’ll issue a temporary restriction from all Crucible activity. The first round of these restrictions went live yesterday. The second wave is happening as we speak. As always, we start small to ensure our tools are properly calibrated, and widen the net as we become more confident that we’re ensnaring the actual perpetrators of shenanigans. Fair Warning: We will also permanently ban repeat offenders!
When Trials of Osiris is live, we’ll be utilizing the same policy and technology. Play nice, and please make use of our in-game reporting tools should you come across a player you believe needs some extra time and attention from our team.
Our matchmaking engineers are also monitoring the overall health of the matchmaking pool writ large with an eye toward making improvements across the board. You’ll be hearing from that team about their progress in the weeks to come.
“How about those Nightfall rewards?”
There is another update inbound as soon as next week that will deliver more frequent and more powerful Legendary rewards to the Nightfall loot tables. We’ll save the specific numbers for the Patch Notes. And, of course, the best reality about the nature of those rewards will be found in your feedback.
“Someone datamined files that prove Tess will be selling King’s Fall consumables! You said you wouldn’t do that! Why are you doing that!?”
We’re not doing that. The files in question were actually first uncovered some time ago, well before the launch of Eververse Trading Company. They weren’t ever intended to be sold in exchange for Silver. What you’re seeing are remnant files for Three of Coins or Moldering Shard like items that would have been available from Xûr. Ultimately, the team decided that they didn’t have a place in the game, and cut them from the experience. You’re seeing some dust and echoes from the cutting room floor.
Files that get datamined aren’t official sources of news, though we understand why they are intriguing.
“Why did you change the economy for Strange Coins and Weapon Parts?”
In Year 2, we took steps to streamline and simplify the economy for players, with hopes that providing more direct paths to gear and the stuff you needed to upgrade that gear would just be more satisfying across the board. Changes to economy of the game are made in the interest of preserving the value of the items in your inventory and ensuring that you have good uses for the things you’re saving.
Weapon Parts, specifically, have been particularly vexing. Some players use a LOT of Parts, whereas others use almost none. Still, we are very aware that this is a choke point for some players, and further adjustments may be in order.
In all cases, we're still watching our reports and listening to feedback, and we will continue to react to how things are going.