Destiny Beta PS4 vs PS3 HD Screenshot Comparison Shows How Bungie Managed to Create a Perfect Cross-Gen Game

From the creator of a multi-billion dollar franchise, Destiny is one of those upcoming video games that have created a much fueled hype around them. This online multiplayer action role-playing first-person shooter video game can easily be counted among some of the most visually impressive and highly anticipated upcoming titles. Releasing this year on September 9, the game is currently going through its beta testing phase. Given below is a screenshot comparison of Destiny Beta running on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles showing how much a jump from the last generation to the latest generation can really pay off.

Destiny Beta

Destiny Beta PS4 vs PS3 High Quality Screenshot Comparison Shows Generational Gap - This is How Cross-Gen Games Should Be Created

Destiny is undoubtedly one of those upcoming games that have pumped up the expectations of gamers to a whole new level. Being developed by Bungie, the studio responsible for remarkable Halo series, Destiny is an example of how the latest consoles are being used up by developers to create games that are visually much better than any game that currently exists on the last-gen video game platforms. Being a cross-gen game, Destiny also squeezes every ounce of the hardware power left in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Now that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are being enjoyed by millions of gamers, most gamers think that cross-gen games put a cap on the offerings of the latest consoles, and in fact, it is true to an extent. Latest consoles are penalized by cross-gen games rather thickly in order to make room for the conditions that the last-gen consoles follow. Destiny is a cross-gen games too, and while most think this is the reason due to which the game will end up in shame, it is not the case.

As of today (July 17), Destiny Beta has gone live on the PlayStation consoles, and all those who pre-ordered the game are now enjoying an expanded hands-on. Our friends over at Dualshockers are also testing the game on each edge, and doing so, they have come up with this comparison which shows the Destiny Beta running side-by-side on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. This Destiny Beta comparison shows how a cross-gen game should really be made.

The comparison below includes total 44 screenshots (22 pairs) of Destiny Beta that have been taken while the game was running on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Looking at each pair of the screenshots, it is clearly visible that last-gen consoles have, in no way, affected the appearance of the game on the latest consoles. The comparison shows the real generational gap, with the PlayStation 4 console putting out such graphics that would have cost the PlayStation 3 its aged GPU.

Before talking further, lets just take a look at the comparison that is provided below. Don't forget to open each screenshot (they are directly linked to attachment page) in new tab to view them in full resolution and clearly see the difference between the game running on two platforms.

Destiny-Beta_PS4_22Destiny-Beta_PS3_22Destiny-Beta_PS4_21Destiny-Beta_PS3_21Destiny-Beta_PS4_20 Destiny-Beta_PS3_20 Destiny-Beta_PS4_19 Destiny-Beta_PS3_19 Destiny-Beta_PS4_18 Destiny-Beta_PS3_18 Destiny-Beta_PS4_17 Destiny-Beta_PS3_17 Destiny-Beta_PS4_16 Destiny-Beta_PS3_16Destiny-Beta_PS4_15 Destiny-Beta_PS3_15 Destiny-Beta_PS4_14 Destiny-Beta_PS3_14 Destiny-Beta_PS4_13 Destiny-Beta_PS3_13 Destiny-Beta_PS4_12 Destiny-Beta_PS3_12 Destiny-Beta_PS4_11 Destiny-Beta_PS3_11 Destiny-Beta_PS4_10 Destiny-Beta_PS3_10 Destiny-Beta_PS4_09 Destiny-Beta_PS3_09 Destiny-Beta_PS4_08 Destiny-Beta_PS3_08 Destiny-Beta_PS4_07 Destiny-Beta_PS3_07 Destiny-Beta_PS4_06 Destiny-Beta_PS3_06 Destiny-Beta_PS4_05 Destiny-Beta_PS3_05 Destiny-Beta_PS4_04 Destiny-Beta_PS3_04 Destiny-Beta_PS4_03 Destiny-Beta_PS3_03 Destiny-Beta_PS4_02 Destiny-Beta_PS3_02 Destiny-Beta_PS4_01 Destiny-Beta_PS3_01

Of course, the difference is extremely visible, even more visible than many would have expected. The reason why Destiny Beta looks so terrible on the PlayStation 3 console is not because it is terrible, in fact, it is because the PlayStation 4 is completely optimizing the game, and is pumping every bit of the visuals. Not only the resolution, the latest console is capable of handling everything from lighting to shadows and translucent surfaces much better than the PlayStation 3 console, and Bungie is making it do so.

Ultimately, Destiny is turning out to be a perfect cross-gen game that runs smoothly on the last-gen consoles and doesn't sacrifice the power of latest consoles excessively. But just to be on the safer side, this comparison is between the beta version of the game, and there is a possibility that some changes may occur before the game is packed for sale. But still, I'm pretty sure, Destiny will make a strong cross-gen impact when it is released on September 9.

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