DeepCool Releases The Castle 280EX AIO Liquid Cooler

Evan Federowicz
Source: DeepCool

DeepCool has released the Castle 280EX AIO liquid cooler that offers a larger size when compared to the standard 240mm version of this AIO liquid cooler. The Castle 280EX AIO liquid cooler also utilizes DeepCool's Anti-leak Technology, which helps not only regulate pressure buildup but also significantly improve operational safety and prevent leakage. The Castle 280EX AIO liquid cooler is set to be priced at $149.99 and is currently available on Amazon.

DeepCool's Castle 280EX AIO liquid cooler features RGB lighting and a stronger 3-phase pump, all for $149.99 on Amazon

This cooler offers users efficient cooling as well as much quieter operations. The more durable 3-phase motor provides better cooling performance in addition to an increased flow rate. This motor also features a significantly quieter operation even while under higher temperatures and a high flow rate.

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Source: DeepCool

The CPU water block has been designed from the inside out and features the new dual-chamber pump features a highly optimized flow route for better heat exchange. This new chamber pump has the cold liquid coming in, then circling the CPU heat spreader, then leaves the pump to head to the radiator. The CPU water block utilizes a copper plate that offers 25% percent more fins, which significantly increases the overall surface area allowing for much more efficient heat transfer.

The fans which are installed on this AIO cooler is the DeepCool TF140 S fans, these fans have been tuned to deliver extreme cooling performance by maximizing not only static pressure but also the airflow. These fans offer an airflow of 97.03 CFM and static air pressure of 2.00 mmAq, all while making just 39.8 dBa at the fan's top speed. These fans also utilize a hydro bearing to offer not only the speed but also the quietness of that these fans provide.

Source: DeepCool

For lighting, this AIO cooler only has RGB lighting on the CPU water block. The CPU water block features the ability to customize the RGB lighting design by having the ability to unscrew the top section of the CPU water block and change out the small see-through disk in the center. This allows for not only RGB lighting customization but also for the logo to be easily replaced!

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