Death Stranding Void Out, Like System, Game Over Mechanics Detailed

Francesco De Meo
Death Stranding

New details on some of the Death Stranding gameplay mechanics have emerged online today.

Speaking with Famitsu, Hideo Kojima himself revealed some new details on void out and the game over system. The translation has been provided by Reddit user damnlee.

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Void out: If you trigger a void out (eaten by the monster or by Homo Demons), the map will create a crater. All building and infrastructure will be gone. But the crater will only exist in your world. As time goes by, the rian fall will recover the crater and you will see others players building and infrastructure again.

Game Over: There is no gameover in this game. Traditional game will reset the time to “before you die”. In DS, we don't do that. If sam die, his soul will be drown in “ocean space” (結び目 ). Sam has to look for his body to come back to life. The first trailer is where Sam die and the soul stranding in other side.

New details on the Death Stranding like system have also been revealed.

Like System: If you used something that was created by other player, the system will automatically given a like, after using it, you can manually given another like. In total you can give two likes to a building/infrastructure. Kojima said people who testing the game has different opinions. American game tester said they doesn’t like the system give out likes without their consent. Japanese game tester are fine with it. (Yes, there are people already playing/testing the game!)

Finally, Hideo Kojima also talked about the game's unique multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer: The reason Kojima doesn't want player is see or interact with other player directly, like MGSV base infiltration. Because he want to create another type of connection between players. "I want to date that girl, but not marrying her, type of connection" said by Kojima san. (He talk a lots about this topic, there is a deeper meaning to this that I can't translate, sorry.)

Death Stranding launches on PlayStation 4 on November 8th.

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