Death Stranding Launch Trailer To Release On October 30th

Francesco De Meo
Death Stranding

A new Death Stranding trailer is getting released tomorrow, Kojima Productions confirmed.

On the official Twitter profile of the developer, it's been confirmed that the Death Stranding launch trailer will be made available on October 30th, to mark the beginning of the Paris Game Week.

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Director Hideo Kojima also shared the news, showing some related images on his official Twitter profile.

Yesterday, it's been confirmed that Death Stranding will not stay a PlayStation 4 exclusive for long, as the game will release on PC in early Summer 2020. The game will be published by 5050 Games, and further details will be revealed at a later time.

Tomorrow Is In Your Hands

After the collapse of civilization, Sam Bridges must journey across a ravaged landscape crawling with otherworldly threats to save mankind from the brink of extinction. From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience for the PlayStation 4 system. Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner.

A Journey to Reconnect a Fractured Society

With spectral creatures plaguing the landscape, and the planet on the verge of a mass extinction, it’s up to Sam Bridges to journey across the ravaged wasteland and save mankind from impending annihilation.

Death Stranding launches on PlayStation 4 on November 8th. The PC version will come next year.

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