Death Stranding May Have Reached Polishing Phase; Kojima Thought Everything Was Lost When Leaving Konami

Death Stranding

Death Stranding has been in development for quite some time, and a release date for the first game developed by Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions studio has yet to be revealed. According to a recent report, however, the game may be close to release.

Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun recently had the chance to talk with Hideo Kojima back in September. According to the report, the game apparently reached the polishing phase, with Hideo Kojima playing through the game and suggesting improvements. All gameplay elements have also been put together, and have been so since last Summer.

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Hideo Kojima also opened up a bit regarding his split with Konami a few years back. While he still cannot talk openly about the matter, the legendary game designer mentioned that he felt like everything was lost after the split, which also prevents him from using the Metal Gear name for any of his creations. Following the split, Kojima wanted to take a couple of years off, but people close to him suggested that he had to start working on something new as soon as possible. He eventually did as suggested, and Death Stranding came to be.

Death Stranding is said to have a huge scope, as revealed by voice actor Troy Baker earlier this week.

I was fascinated to know this, and I hope it’s okay that I say this, he had the entire game in his head for like two years. Some ridiculous amount of time, I may be wrong about the exact amount of time. He didn’t write it down on any notes, just had it all in his head. If you ever wanted to ask him anything he could tell you the exact fact. It’s the same with Metal Gear. I’ve never been to work with someone who required more trust, because it’s like you’re going through it blind. And he assembled an incredible cast of people to pull of a fantastical game. It’s trippy, it’s weird, I have no idea when it’s coming out. I believe I’m finished shooting… I think Norman’s finished, but I could be wrong. I just want to play it.

Death Stranding launches on a yet to be confirmed date on PlayStation 4.

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