Death Stranding New Trailer To Be Shown Later This Month


Death Stranding is going to get an exclusive new trailer later this month, Sony confirmed a few hours ago.

The PlayStation Nederland Twitter profile confirmed that an exclusive Death Stranding trailer will be shown at this year's edition of the Rotterdam Game Week, which will be held from October 18th until October 20th.

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With the game being close to release, it's not surprising to see a new trailer being released so let's hope something truly new is shown in it.

Death Stranding is going to feature a very interesting multiplayer mode which will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription. Being that is going to be an asynchronous mode, it's not all that surprising.

You’re not the only one exploring this world

While we’re pretty sure you won’t be bumping into direct contact with other players in this world, it seems you may come across things they’ve built or left behind.*

There are clear signs of other travelers like yourself using equipment to cross gaps and scale mountains, making you the benefactor of their generous intrepidness.

Be sure to leave them a like for their troubles — it’s not yet known what purpose that serves, but at least it will make them feel deservedly appreciated.

Death Stranding launches on PlayStation 4 worldwide on November 8th.