Death Stranding Launch Trailer Possibly Being Teased by Kojima ahead of the Game’s November Launch


Hideo Kojima has possibly teased the Death Stranding launch trailer ahead of the game’s release this November.

Kojima took to Twitter yesterday to share some shots of his workstation. On the shots, we can clearly see that a new trailer is apparently in the works, but as spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user, this particular trailer could very well be the game’s launch trailer. One shot mentions “launch trailer edit” on the top-left of the screen, which does seem to imply that the Kojima is now working on Death Stranding’s launch trailer.

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Death Stranding is still more than a month away from being released and Kojima is no stranger to releasing cryptic messages to create a smoke screen or put people on a false trail.

Death Stranding is scheduled for a release on November 8 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.