Death Stranding Features One Of The Best Visuals Of The Generation, According To Tech Review

Francesco De Meo
Death Stranding

Death Stranding features one of the best visuals of the generation, according to a fresh tech review.

Digital Foundry shared earlier today their first tech review of the game, taking a look at its visuals. Not only the environment looks great, but also some of the character models, which look like the best we have seen in the current generation.

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While visuals are getting almost unanimous praise, the Death Stranding gameplay is not. The game is extremely divisive, with some early reviews noting how gameplay can be tedious and frustrating. Despite this, almost all of the early reviews noted how Death Stranding tries to be something different and mostly succeeds at that.

The story is definitely one of the best features of Death Stranding, and Hideo Kojima did everything possible to make players care for all characters, even NPCs.

We have a Death Stranding character who lives deep underground. He is sick and needs medicine, and Sam can deliver it. Since this happens at the beginning of the story, this is a must. After completing this quest, the player himself chooses the following actions: you can constantly go to the old man and carry medicine; you can deliver other items; You can listen to his stories from the past.

But the player is constantly moving forward and moving away from the character. And I’m sure that there are gamers who forget about this old man. And then they will remember and return to it. Since they have not carried medicine to him all this time, he will die by this moment. Through such actions, a connection arises with the character.

Death Stranding launches on PlayStation 4 next week, on November 8th. The game also releases on PC sometime during Summer 2020.

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