Deal between NVIDIA & Oracle will place H100 & A100 GPUs To Power Cloud Infrastructure

Jason R. Wilson
Deal between NVIDIA & Oracle will place H100 & A100 GPUs To Power Cloud Infrastructure 2

Yesterday, Oracle finalized a contract to use NVIDIA's mighty A100 and H100 graphics cards to bring Oracle customers AI-backed software and hardware. Oracle and NVIDIA have not revealed intricate detail about the partnership, but what is known is that a large sum of the cost went to purchase several thousand of the mentioned GPUs for Oracle's systems.

Oracle enters agreement with NVIDIA to utilize A100 and H100 GPUs for advancements in AI and medical science

The news between the two tech companies is another step towards machine learning through artificial intelligence and cloud computing to assist with training models, high data processing, AI simulations, and more for Oracle's healthy line of clients. The collaboration will also add to Oracle's service of granting clients access to high-performance computing, or HPC, with NVIDIA's AI-based technology.

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Our expanded alliance with Nvidia will deliver the best of both companies' expertise to help customers across industries — from healthcare and manufacturing to telecommunications and financial services — overcome the multitude of challenges they face.

Safra Catz, Chief Executive Officer, Oracle

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will now offer its customers:

  • AI Enterprise
  • Clara Parabricks

NVIDIA's AI Enterprise will offer a collection of compute engines for machine learning scenarios, such as model training with artificial intelligence, learning for instances where an AI presence is needed to diagnose the situation and provide an answer (primarily seen in customer service or support situations), high-level data processing, AI simulations, and many more.

Clara Parabricks will assist with deep medical learning, involving the discovery of new drugs, medical imaging, NLP (natural language processing), and other medical processes that need the support of high levels of data. Clara Parabricks from NIVIDIA is available, but drug discovery support is unavailable at this report's time.

RAPIDS, an open-source software library and API suite, allows users to process end-to-end analytics and data science but solely depends on GPUs to provide the service due to the high amount of data transfer and processing power with lower overheads.

It is speculated that NVIDIA is attempting to finalize high-dollar agreements with future partners since the ability to do business with China will soon be unavailable with the current government mandates.

News Source: Tom's Hardware

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