Deal Alert: iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case for Just $3.99

Uzair Ghani
iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case for just $3.99

You can pick up an iPhone 11 Pro Max clear case by BELONGME for a measly $3.99 today, down from its original price of $8. That's 50% off.

Buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case for $3.99 and Keep it Protected from Drops and Dents

BELONGME is discounting one of its clear cases today, allowing you to protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max for a price that's less than your favorite latte. For just $3.99, the company is offering a case that will keep your phone protected against drops while giving you the opportunity to show off that Midnight Green color, if you happen to take that route.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case with bumper design

The case in question has special shock absorbing cushions on all four sides. This means that whenever your phone takes a tumble, the iPhone 11 Pro Max clear case will do its thing and save your phone from severe damage. It's also made from a soft TPU material that feels really nice in the hand. If that doesn't sound enough, then you will be delighted to know that this case has anti-slip capabilities, so you can forget about ever losing grip on it.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case raised edges

Whether it is the camera or the display, this case has you covered (quite literally) on all sides. The raised edges mean that the display will never ever meet concrete if your phone falls down, and the cameras will remain protected in a similar fashion.

There are precise cutouts for everything in this case. You don't have to struggle to get that Lightning connector into your iPhone 11 Pro Max for charging up, nor you have to worry about button presses. Everything just works as it should even with the case on.

Wireless charging works just fine and the case will work just fine with any Qi charger out there. This is actually a big deal as a lot of cases tend to ignore this capability just to deliver a high-end aesthetic.

Last but not the least, this case has a five-star rating from 300 people that have bought this case. That is as solid as it gets in terms of trustworthiness. Or, in other words, you can rely on this case with your entire heart and you'll be just fine.

The case will set you back $8, but you can bring the price down to just $3.99 if you enter the special discount code. So please, do not miss the discount code before you check out on Amazon. And yes, this is a limited time deal, so get on the bandwagon before the case returns to its original price.

Buy BELONGME Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max Case 2019 - Was $8, now just $3.99 using discount code RUZVTNGZ

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