Deal Alert: Anker 3-in-1 Charging Cable with Lightning, USB-C, micro USB Discounted to $10.99


Anker’s ultimate 3-in-1 charging cable with Lightning, micro USB and USB-C is discounted to $10.99 today.

Charge Any Device You Want with Anker’s PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable - Discounted to $10.99, Was $18

Carrying multiple charging cables can be a very hectic task, especially when you are traveling to a place far from home. Things turn furious when you realize that you forgot that one particular cable at home which you use to charge your tablet or camera. What if you could just carry one cable with you that has three different types of connectors on one end - Lightning, micro USB and USB-C? This Anker 3-in-1 PowerLine II cable is just that cable, and it is discounted today to an insanely low price of $10.99.

Before you think to yourself that this is an ordinary cable, it’s not. That Lightning connector in the cable is MFi Certified, meaning that it complies with standards set by Apple and it won’t ever harm your device. Furthermore, you can charge all sorts of devices imaginable. And the best part, the end of the cable that goes into the wall adapter is USB-A, meaning that a regular charger is more than enough to make use of this cable.

PowerLine II Features a 3-in-1 Design

Since this accessory from Anker’s PowerLine II family of cables, this means that it is super duper tough. So whether you want to keep it in your pocket, your car, your bedside table or use in your office, this cable will fare just fine.

This is not just a charging cable, you can literally use it to transfer data at a very respectable speed too. In other words, you won’t be slowed down in real life, thanks to this cable.

We suggest making use of this deal right now if you are interested in picking up a single solution for multiple charging related problems. Just remember to enter that special discount code at checkout in order to bring the price down to $10.99.

Buy Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable - Was $18, now it’s $10.99 using discount code ANKERW45

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