Deal Alert: Amazon Echo Smart Speaker for Just $79.99, Down From $164.99

Uzair Ghani
Amazon Echo

If you were holding back from getting an Amazon Echo due to its high price tag, then today's deal will have you excited for sure.

Grab an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker for Just $79.99

Although Google Assistant and Alexa are making their way onto third-party devices, but nothing beats the look and feel of the original. Amazon Echo was the retail giant's first ever product that redefined an entire category of smart products, and today you will be pleased to learn that you can grab a hold of this amazing piece of tech for a price of just $79.99. Keep in mind that this is a refurbished product and is no way different than what you'll find brand new.

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Since this is a smart speaker, the Amazon Echo is capable of pulling off a lot of things. For starters, it can latch onto your smart home setup, allowing you to control different aspects of your devices using the power of your voice. For example, you can say 'Alexa, turn off the living room lights,' and the Echo will do it for you. That's not all - if you have an Amazon account then you can order stuff using your voice too. Things really go through the roof when you realize that you can control music, request an Uber and ask it all sorts of weird and wonderful questions.

Keep one thing in mind though - the Amazon Echo requires a power source to be connected at all times in order to work as well as a WiFi connection. This means that you cannot take this bad boy to the beach to bust out some tunes using Bluetooth. However, you'll be pleased to learn that Amazon has a deal on the Amazon Tap as well for the same price of $79.99. The Tap is essentially a battery-powered Bluetooth speaker with Alexa baked right in. But the only downside of this gadget is that you give up the always-on 'Alexa' listening feature. Still, if you're interested, hit up on the link below.

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