New Dead Space 2 trailer shows thrills beyond belief

Nov 8, 2010 01:44 EST

I knew Dead Space 2 was going to be a KICK ASS game but I didn't know that it would THIS good, the early trailers showed Issac flying and avoiding asteroids but this trailer shows something new, Issac is in a superfast train which is ALSO on fire and he is sliding down the train and shooting necromorphs with his trusty old Plasma Cutter, I mean how much more epic can a game possibly get?

Dead Space DID have its epic moments especially near the end and how the story unraveled itself so well that the twist at the end left you speech less. I have high expectations of Dead Space 2 (Although I still don't understand the ending of 1 for that matter) I would like to see where Issac is now and how the hell he plans on getting the hell off it :D.

I for one am certainly putting this game on my MUST HAVE PS3 game list of 2011 right after Portal 2 for sure.