Mad Max Trailer is Here, And it Looks Fantastic


The Mad Max game trailer has arrived and it looks absolutely great. The setting so from what we can see in the trailer looks great and it's certainly evocative of the desperate feel of the movies.

Mad Max's gameplay gets revealed in its very first trailer.

It opens with a view of a desolate and empty environment with the blazing sun in the background. It's broken up by highly modified cars chasing each other aggressively as they try to kill each other. And then comes Max.

"In Mad Max, you begin with nothing, your car, you family, your life. Everything has been taken from you. Now all that's left is your will to survive."

Not just another open world game, this one combines the idea of a post-apocalyptic world with the mythos of a well established story. The focus is on the car, of course, as that's the main draw of the movies. The loud, fast and highly modified killing machines that are featured throughout.

Acquire and modify your own vehicle with all sorts of different and crazy attachments as you try to build something to engage in some very spectacular looking vehicular vehicular combat as you try to survive in a very unforgiving desert world that looks suspiciously like Australia in some parts.

Thankfully Avalanche Studios is no stranger to open-world games such as this, and Mas Max has a lot of potential just because of the back story. They can use their expertise learnt from building a large and interactive game world to provide a unique experience within one of the greatest cult classics of any generation.

Mad Max has a lot to look forward to, not to mention a great tie-in to the movie. There's going to be some great gameplay mechanics and a whole slew of options in how to tackle situations in the game, we can only hope that they're implemented correctly.

Mad Max is still expected to be released September 1st 2015 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.