New Dead Rising & Devil May Cry Titles In Capcom’s Main Pipeline


It's been a while since new games of Dead Rising and Devil May Cry debuted on the market, however it seems like Capcom's development schedule includes games for both franchises.

That's according to the latest integrated report published yesterday by Capcom.

Dead Rising and Devil May Cry are among the franchises for which the company has plans in the foreseeable future (the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016 and beyond). As a reminder, Dead Rising 3 originally released as a launch exclusive for Xbox One and then was published on PC on September 5, 2014; if Capcom follows in the footsteps of the previous generation, Dead Rising 4 may be fully multiplatform just like Dead Rising 2.

The latest Devil May Cry title, on the other hand, proved to be highly divisive: while the overall reception was good, some core fans of the series loudly voiced their disappointment with it. It will be interesting to see which studio will handle the next installment. However, don't expect these titles to be coming up any time soon - Capcom is now mainly focused on the next Resident Evil, which apparently may support VR devices.

In related news, the same report also highlighted Capcom's overall development plans. The firm doesn't intend to abandon Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 since the install base is still huge, so expect to see some cross-platform titles; moreover, they are targeting a shorter development period of 2.5 years instead of the previous 4 years, possibly because of engine related improvements.