Data Privacy Day: Facebook Puts You in the Driver’s Seat by Making It Easier to Manage Your Privacy


Facebook is trying to make it easier for its users to understand and control their privacy on this Data Privacy Day - celebrated on January 28 every year. Three years ago, the social media giant launched Privacy Basics, a site designed to help you learn how to keep your data secure and private.

Mobile-friendly "Privacy Basics"

This Data Privacy Day, Facebook is launching a revamped version of its Privacy Basics website to help its users understand how to take control of their private information. The new Facebook Privacy Basics is mobile-friendly and offers interactive guides along with answering your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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“We’re joining state attorneys general and other policymakers who are sharing their own privacy information on Facebook, along with organizations around the world like National Cyber Security Alliance, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Democracy and Technology, who are working to raise awareness of how to take charge of your information online,” Facebook wrote.

Privacy Basics puts you in the driver’s seat with 32 interactive guides - available in 44 languages

As more users are now opting for encrypted communications, it's also important to learn how to protect the data you are sharing online. The revamped site will help you with your data privacy and account security on Facebook. With the new site, the social network is also promoting other security features, including login approvals.

"People were already engaging with the earlier version, but we’re always looking for ways to improve, keep educating, and make our privacy controls even easier to find and use. That’s why we organized the new Privacy Basics based on people’s feedback," Facebook said. "It’s also why we worked on making it more mobile friendly so people can access it whenever they need."

While welcoming, it's odd that the company has only now released the mobile-friendly version of an important part of its network. Nevertheless, the revamped page does make it easier to understand and control your data on the site.

"To help with education, people will see prompts on Facebook customized to their specific contexts. For example, if you make a post to a ‘public’ audience, you may receive a prompt to visit Privacy Basics so that you know what your audience options are," the company added.

You can access the new Facebook Privacy Basics web page here.