Dark Souls Sequel Confirmed; Keep your Souls Ready!

Dark Souls has yet again made the news, After being announced for the PC recently it is now official that the game will indeed come back with a sequel and this will hopefully give gamers enough time to collect themselves from the tortures, trials and hardships they faced through Dark Souls. If From Software keeps increasing the difficulty of the coming Souls games soon enough only Japanese will be the only ones who might actually be playing the game with people from the EU / US just rage quitting entirely.

Demon Souls and Dark Souls are perhaps some of the most punishing RPG's anyone can ever play, but if you thought From Software was done playing with your emotions and your patience with Dark Souls you will be happy to hear that another Souls game is INDEED in the cards of the company and judging by their enthusiasm I would even say that we can expect the game to come VERY soon.

According to information from the source: (Courtesy of MCV UK)

"Of course, it's not over yet," From Software's R&D head Masanori Takeuchi told GameTrailers.

"We've always been enamoured by dark fantasy action RPGs. That's just been our core DNA and I think we'll continue to utilise that."

And the studio's executive producer Eiichi Nakajima adds that the team will be aiming for a much wider audience next time around.

"We've always been about making games for the core gamer, and they weren't necessarily games that did well financially, which is too bad," he said.

"The success of both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, which have each sold over a million [units] per title worldwide, has made us shift our thinking internally to not just core gamers, but to globalise our products, that they can be successful on a worldwide scale.

"That's now one of the key pillars we consider when we develop games in the future."

This means that the game is far from over and if the change in difficulty of Demon Soul to Dark Soul is any indication I am willing to bet that the next Souls game will definitely be a bigger test of nerves and patience more than ever, I for one am definitely very eager to play the game as soon as it releases.

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