Dark Souls 3 PC New Video Shows Performance Test With Different Graphics Settings

Dark Souls 3, the new entry of the series developed by From Software, is going to be released in less than a week in North America and Europe on consoles and PC, so the time has come for PC players to see how well their machines can run the soon to be released role playing game. A few hours ago, another video from the PC version of the game has surfaced online, a video that will allow players to check out a variety of graphics settings.

Dark Souls 3

The new Dark Souls 3 video features a performance test for a variety of preset graphics settings. The benchmark has been performed on an MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 ti Gaming 2G, Intel i7-5820K, 16GB PC, and you can check out the video right below.

Earlier this week, we have reported that Dark Souls 3 PC might suffer from perfomance issues in late game areas, with a streamer able to run the game at 4K with a solid performance, struggling to run Dark Souls 3 well in late game areas at 1080p. However, it's still too soon to say for sure, as the game is not available for purchase yet and a day one update may improve the situation considerably.

Last week, the North American and European Xbox One version of Dark Souls 3 have received the 1.1 patch, which introduces some gameplay tweaks and the ability to play online. As the game has yet to be released officially in these regions, servers have yet to go live. Xbox One players can already enjoy the game in English by purchasing it from the Japanese Xbox Store and later change their console's region.

Dark Souls 3 is now available in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version of the game will launch alongside the console version on April 12th in North America and Europe.

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