Dark Souls 2 Depths of Darkness Texture Pack Includes Almost 6K Textures To Bring Back the Feel of the Original Dark Souls

Dark Souls 2 Depths of Darkness main

The Dark Souls 2 Depths of Darkness texture pack includes nearly 6000 modified textures to bring back some of the aesthetics of the first Dark Souls.

Created by modder ‘Save Smokey’, this Grit Souls 2 HD texture pack is an interesting mod for PC players that uses iGP11 for extensive texture overriding and includes a complete texture overhaul that aims to bring back the feel from other Souls titles. According to the modder, almost every weapon and armor in the game has been modified.

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“You will find many areas take on a fresh look, as well as enemies, bosses, and all equipment that reminds me more of Dark Souls 1 which many find more aesthetically pleasing”, the modder writes. “The world feels rotten, burnt, and a lot darker in some place. Some areas present new challenges, creating a real use for the torch where none was needed before. Black Gulch is reborn true to its name, black as the night. Undead Crypt now poses as one of the most difficult areas nearly demanding the use of a torch. Even Things Betwixt demonstrates the power of the darkness.”

We’ve included a video and some screenshots from the mod in action down below:


Those interested can download this new mod through Nexusmods. Dark Souls 2 is available globally now for PC and consoles.

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