Cyberpunk MMO ‘Otherland’ Headed to Steam Early Access on August 26th

Otherland, a cyberpunk MMO inspired by the literary works of Tad Williams, is making it's way into Steam Early Access, finally reaching a more public and playable form after nearly seven years (or more) in development.

Otherland enters Steam Early Access on August 26th, but will be far from the usual early access title.

promises that when it hits at the end of this month, it'll be in a far more playable state than what we usually see. The majority of the game will be finished, with only the tidying up of nascent bugs and issues as well as the stress-testing of servers being wholly necessary. some features are not quite as finished, but far enough along that

"Despite being in Early Access, Otherland is one of the most advanced titles on the service, a far cry from the Pre-Alpha Versions often put up for sale. Most of the unique features – starting with the eDNA System that allows users to “collect and clone” items and even NPCs up to the Housing and PVP systems – have been fully implemented already."

That's not to say that they won't appreciate feedback on every single piece of the game, however. dtp Entertainment wants to polish the game so as to pay proper homage to Tad Williams and his Otherland series of books. Overall, however, they feel that the time they've taken since first announcing that they were taking over the project will more than make up for the large delay.

“After two closed beta tests we decided against the traditional Open Beta phase and instead opted to go Early Access on Steam because it allows us to better involve the community in the polishing process. We have come a long way since taking on the project nearly two years ago, and as a small independent developer we love to communicate with our community and appreciate their feedback and ideas, as we are determined to make sure that Otherland will not officially launch until it is ready.”

The great news is that they certainly want all the feedback they can get from players, because it can only help to improve the Otherworld experience. It's nice to see a developer use Early Access as intended, as a way to test a game before launch and not as a development method in and of itself. Doing the latter can cause some anguish among gamers indeed.

The initial announcement happened in 2008 with a 2010 release date, which was later delayed until 2012 until the original developer, dtp Entertainment was unable to continue the project due to monetary issues. The IP was eventually sold to DRAGO Entertainment, who has taken up the rains with quite a bit of enthusiasm.

Otherland is a full-scale Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game based on the highly acclaimed novels of Tad Williams. Embark on exiting adventures in a virtual multiverse of worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi and beyond.

Some of the great features that DRAGO hopes to set Otherland apart and bring in a dedicated fanbase are many. They're using the Unreal Engine to help make for a beautiful environment, combat will be action oriented where you control it directly, and of course they'll have a tremendous amount of customization options available to your characters.

Otherland Multiverse
Otherland is a network of virtual worlds with completely different styles! This allows for an incredible variety in landscapes, NPCs, outfits and weapons.

Breathtaking Graphics
Visually stunning landscapes, gorgeous environments, smooth effects and incredible characters all delivered by the Unreal Engine.

Non-Targeting Combat
Combat in Otherland feels more like an action game than a classic MMORPG as you aim directly and use your mouse to look and control direction.

Character Customization
Otherland boasts an astonishing wide variety of character customization. From tiny to huge, thin to muscular, and the ability to wear anything and everything you find – you will truly be able to find your unique look in the Multiverse.

Player Housing & PvP
Collect eDNA from creatures and clone them in your own personal housing: the UISpace. Choose to donate it to your clan’s own world: the Clan|Space. Expand your Clan|Space, explore and defend it!

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