Customers On Prepaid Plan Will Not Be Able To Use The Apple Watch Series 3 Over LTE

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Apple unveiled the iPhone 8 and its bigger variant, along with the event's eye candy, the iPhone X last week. While flagship smartphones were part of the major announcements, the company also announced the Apple Watch Series 3. The wearable's major update was the LTE connectivity, that really took some customers by surprise. However, if you're interested in buying the Apple Watch Series 3 for yourself, you must know that the LTE functionality will not be available to you if you're on prepaid plan. So let's dive in to see some more details on the subject.

You Must Have Postpaid Plan In Order To Use The Apple Watch Series 3 Over LTE

Soon after Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 3, all major carriers in the United States provided detailed information on the pricing model of the wearable. However, as it seemed, they did not mention a point that might be crucial for the customer. Henceforth, if users are willing to try the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE capability, they should have a postpaid plan.

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At this point in time, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon are offering the Apple Watch Series 3 for $10 per month. In addition to this, so make sure that the first three months are free on the said carriers. Initially, T-Mobile was planning to limit users to a speed of 512kbps for $20 to $25. However, the decision was soon scrapped as a massive backlash followed. This made T-Mobile CEO John Legere reverse the decision. Soon after he announced that the carrier will offer LTE speeds to the Apple Watch Series 3 with just $10 per month.

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Sprint, on the other hand, is charging a considerably higher price for the Apple Watch Series 3 compared to the competition. While the previous three major US carriers offered the wearable for $10 per month, Sprint is offering it for $15 a month. However, you can avail a discount of $5 if you enable auto-pay. So, in the end, you will be paying $10 per month.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will have the same number as your iPhone. This means that if you leave your iPhone at home, you will still be able to receive and make phone calls and send messages and more. Moreover, do take note that Apple Watch Series 3's LTE connectivity will only work in the country from where you purchased your wearable. Also, make sure that you have a postpaid plan instead of prepaid to use the Apple Watch Series 3 over LTE.

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News Source: Fortune

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