Crytek releases new PC Update for Crysis 2.

Crytek have released a new patch for Crysis 2 on the PC. PC games went in rage after Crytek announced that their will be no DX11 support in the game and support for that will be added later on however new developments reveal that a DX11 Patch may arrive shortly but before that they have released a minor patch which fixes a few bugs in the game such as enabled cheat detection, and resolved some matchmaking issues. Following is the complete log of the update:

  • Server Browser shows incorrect pings – Fixed
  • Some matches never initiate – Fixed
  • Faster text chat – As speedy as can be
  • Console re-enabled – Console has been re-activated
  • Cheat detection – Now in place to ensure all users are on a level playing field
  • Fix USB headset issues – Current issues have been addressed and fixed
  • Fix hologram icon staying on screen after being used – Fixed
  • Remove Auto Aim – This has now been completely removed due to overwhelming community feedback

If you own Crysis 2 then you'll be automatically updated to the new version. You can check out here for the news regarding the Dx 11 patch.


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