Crytek: 8GB of PS4/Xbox One RAM is not Enough, Will Surely Fill Up Soon and Act as a Limiting Factor

Next generation of gaming is slowly taking over the gaming industry. Both the latest video game consoles show significant architectural and software advancements over their predecessors. Both Sony and Microsoft granted their consoles with 8GB of influential RAM to ease the development process of next-gen games. PlayStation 4's 8GB GDDR5 RAM is obviously more brawny than Xbox One's 8GB GDDR3 RAM. However, it still looks like 8GB PS4/Xbox One RAM is not enough.

Crytek: 8GB of RAM Will Result in Adversities for PS4/Xbox One Video Game Developers

For now, next-gen video game developers and consumers look pretty much contented with the 8GB of PS4/Xbox One RAM. With little adversities, most developers are managing to optimize their video games on the latest consoles but considering the demands of high-end next-gen video games, it looks like both Sony and Microsoft will soon have to seriously think about performance upgrades.

Crytek, a Germany-based video game developer that is responsible for the remarkable Crysis series and Xbox One exclusive title; Ryse: Son of Rome, is quite experienced when it comes to stretching hardware in order to create splendid games. The studio developed one of the first games on Microsoft's Xbox One and has some considerable knowledge about latest consoles' hardware and 8GB of RAM that comes in PS4/Xbox One.

Crytek's US Engine Business Development Manager Sean Tracy has had a look at the internals of the latest video game consoles by Sony and Microsoft and it looks like sheer 8GB of RAM failed to leave a great clear impression. According to Tracy, the provided memory will not take much longer to fill up, as with the demands growing everyday, developers might need more space sooner than later.

GamingBolt recently got a chance to interview Havok's head of product management Andrew Bowell about the 8GB of RAM that both latest consoles offer. While Bowell is also of the same view that soon, developers will have to ask for more memory than what is being provided right now, Crytek's Tracy explains why 8GB of RAM is going to become a hurdle:

“I would have to agree with the viewpoint that 8 gigs can easily be filled up, but also keep in mind that developers don’t necessarily even have access to all 8 gigs of it. For example the Xbox One retains some of the RAM for OS purposes. Since technology, as Ray Kurweil states, progresses exponentially, we will soon find that the computational requirements of games will quickly hit the ceiling of a few gigs of ram. We already had to manage quite intensely our memory usage throughout Ryse and this will be one of the limiting factors surely in this generation."

“As hardware gets stronger the complexity of scenes can be increased and the dynamism within them. However, with that said it’s not the raw power alone that will allow for photo-realistic graphics but technology that intelligently scales and utilizes all that the hardware has to offer.”

Once again, it comes down to which one the two big players will take the lead in giving its console a performance boost, but until that happens, developers must find some ways to optimize their next-gen games utilizing the complete potential of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's hardware. Of course, it will take some time before developers get a complete hold on the latest consoles' offerings, but when that happens, a need for performance boosts might arise.

What do you think about the internals of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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