Microsoft’s Latest Creators Update Is Now Powering Over 50% of All Windows 10 PCs


Despite millions of devices that are unable to upgrade to Microsoft's latest Windows 10 version, the Creators Update has managed to power over 50 percent of all Windows 10 PCs. The latest report from AdDuplex confirms that the Windows 10 Creators Update is now installed on 50.1 percent of all Windows 10 machines, up from 35 percent from AdDuplex's June report.

User reports earlier this week confirmed that many Windows 10 users are unable to upgrade their machines to the Creators Update due to driver compatibility issues. Some blame it on Microsoft, others on Intel - but the bottom line is that users are practically being crushed between these two tech giants in an attempt to push newer hardware and software.

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However, these users only make a small portion of Microsoft's ever-increasing userbase, which is reflected in the latest numbers. Windows 10 Creators Update, released to the public in April this year, has managed to surpass the number of users still on the Anniversary Update. The latter is now powering 46 percent of all Windows 10 PCs.

Creators Update's growth rate is slower than Anniversary Update's

While that may seem like a success, AdDuplex mentions that the growth is actually slower than that of the Anniversary Update which had managed to cover 75 percent of the Windows 10 ecosystem by this time after its rollout. Remember, Anniversary Update's growth rate was considered to be slow at that time, mostly because of Microsoft taking months to roll out the latest versions to all its users.

The latest stats do confirm, however, that the Redmond Windows maker has started to aggressively push the Windows 10 Creators Update since the update has become much more stable and bug-free.

Microsoft is slated to release the next feature upgrade of Windows 10, titled Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (or Autumn Creators Update depending on the type of English your country follows). We are expecting that the months preceding this release will see the Creators Update reaching out to almost all the Windows 10 devices - minus some Intel-powered systems, of course.

As for the accuracy of these numbers, AdDuplex uses a sample of 5,000 Windows Store apps that use the AdDuplex SDK to present these stats. While actual figures are likely to be very different, it does help us track the growth rate of the newer and older Windows 10 versions.