Craob X: An Intel Alder Lake CPU-based laptop that is completely wireless & void of any connectors


Company Craob plans to launch its newest concept laptop, the Craob X. The Craob X is a fully wireless laptop based on Intel Alder Lake CPU and utilizes the latest technology for memory and display. However, the most prominent feature is the lack of any ports on the company's design, making this the ultimate in fully wireless capability in a laptop.

Craob X: An Intel Alder Lake powered notebook, to launch sometime this year with next-gen technology and a completely wireless design

My Laptop Guide was the first to report on this revolutionary laptop design. The website was able to access pictures and a few specifications on the device; however, the Craob website does offer a few details, such as a bezel-less 4K+ display and LPDDR5 connectivity.

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The new Craob X laptop utilizes the Intel Core i7-1280P Alder Lake processor revealed earlier this month by Team Blue. The Craob X offers a 13.3-inch laptop size, a 4K+ bezel-less screen, and a punch-hole camera—a design much different than the latest MacBook Pro systems.

Craob's X laptop offers up to 32GB of LPDDR5 memory along with 2 TB of PCIe 4.0 storage capability. The new notebook will utilize the most contemporary WiFi6E technology for wireless connectivity.

The new laptop is a notebook that does not utilize any ports whatsoever in the physical design. But, that does not mean that it does not use ports in some fashion. The laptop is void of USB, MiniJack, Thunderbolt, SD card slots, or a charging port. The design choice by Craob makes sense due to the thin 7mm thickness of the laptop. The physical connectivity comes in with its included magnetic charger that adheres itself to the laptop's lid.

The wireless technology is what makes this design so impressive. Craob X has no physical connectors (portless design), so there are no I/O ports such as USB Tyle A/C, Thunderbolt, MiniJack, SD card slot, or even a charger port. This laptop is just 7mm thin, so those would be very hard to install on this design anyway. However, all these ports will be available on a magnetic wireless charger, directly to the lid. The magnetic charger offers USB-C, USB-A, Thunderbolt, SD card slot, and a headphone jack, allowing the user not to be dependent on wireless connectivity only to get things done.

Craob has not set a date yet to release their Craob X laptop. No price point is available at this time. With such a unique design for a computer, this could be a premium cost to pay for a fully wireless setup.

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