Corsair Launches Quad Channel Dominator and Vengeance DDR3 Memory Kits


Corsair, A Leading Memory and high-performance PC components supplier/designer today announced the availability of its new Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kits specifically designed for Intel's Latest High End Sandy Bridge-E Platform.

"Corsair is proud to support the new 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 processor family for Socket LGA-2011 with a broad range of extreme-performance and high-performance quad channel memory kits," said Thi La, Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair. "These kits are ideal for PC performance enthusiasts, whether they're competitive overclockers, gamers, workstation builders, or they simply want the ability to equip their new system with up to 32GB of reliable, high-performance memory."

The Quad Channel 32GB Memory Kits were previously announced in October 2011, The Lineup has expanded with the addition of three new Quad Channel kits which include both the Dominator and Vengeance Series rams. The Dominator rams come in the following kits:

Each module is equipped with  tightly screened DRAM and include Corsair's DHX+ heatsink patented technology and also support Intel's XMP 1.3 profiles for hassle free overclocking. For more information on Corsair Dominator Series kits, Visit this page.

The Vengeance series kits on the other hand are designed specifically for overclocking usage and are a prefect fit for Gamers and Enthusiast usage. The Aluminum heat spreaders provide a real great look and dissipates heat more efficiently. The Vengeance Series Memory are available in the following kits:

For more information on Corsair Vengeance Series kits, Visit this page.