AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU Users Now Get More Options To Fine-Tune & Curve Optimize Their Chips With OCCT 8.0.0 & CoreCycler Tools

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It looks like the competition within who offers the best CPU tuning and optimization tool is rising with two brand new tools, CoreCycler & OCCT's 8.0.0, now offering support not only for AMD Zen Ryzen 5000 CPUs but also Intel's Core lineup. These tools challenge the already well-established AMD Ryzen Master and 1usmus's CTR, with the latter offering one of the swiftest and enhanced tuning capabilities for AMD Ryzen CPUs.

OCCT 8.0.0 & CoreCycler Tools Now Offer Enhanced Curve Optimizer and Tuning Support For AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPUs, OCCT Also Supports Core Cycling on Intel CPUs

OCCT is a well-known tool by PC enthusiasts and overclockers. The tool provides a range of tuning options and real-time stats of various hardware operations. The 8.0.0 release has brought the core cycling feature which essentially allows the utility to cycle through each individual core and test the best possible configuration. This feature was first introduced by AMD on its Ryzen 5000 CPUs in the AGESA BIOS Firmware. Initially, you could only Curve Optimizer through the Ryzen Master tool but CTR 2.0 and the latest releases have also made progress in offering finer tuning abilities on their own.

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You can head over the following links to download each respective AMD Ryzen 5000 Desktop CPU tuning utility to get more performance out of your PCs:

OCCT 8.0.0 CPU Tuning For AMD Ryzen 5000 & Intel Desktop CPUs

With OCCT 8.0.0, the tool will help optimize each core by evaluating its undervolting and overclock potential. The tool also switches through threads really fast within a duration of just 150ms. While OCCT 8.0.0 is free to download, its limits the core cycling test to just one hour. For users who want to perform tests for a longer duration on their CPUs can purchase the licensed version of the tool which sets you back for 21 Euros (yearly subscription). In addition to AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs, OCCT 8.0.0 also deploys the core cycling feature for Intel CPUs.

CoreCycler v0.7.7 For AMD Ryzen 5000 Clock Cycling Optimization

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Moving over to CoreCycler which is a tool made by the forum member of Computerbase, sp00n.82, the tool is still early in development but allows the cores on AMD Ryzen 5000 to be cycled for long durations overnight. This provides a more detailed analysis for users to make a final basis of which cores perform the best and which cores should be left to default. CoreCycler uses Prime95 to set a basis for the stability of each independent core and generates a report which lists down all of the potential errors that occurred during the test phase. The report also provides a guide for users to optimize and tune their CPUs manually.


CoreCycler is more of a manual and slightly difficult tool compared to other overclocking & tuning utilities out there but the developer has stated that he is collecting feedback from users and will be further optimizing the tool in the future.

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