Cooler Master Introduces the MasterCase Maker 5

When Cooler Master released the MasterCase 5 and the MasterCase Pro 5 last year it offered a great level of features and customization for the end user from how little or how much extras they needed.  It also introduced their FreeForm Modular system that allowed the builder to easily removed parts not needed and relocate others as needed.  But since its launch people have been asking Cooler Master for upgrades and wanting to know what the future held for their MasterCase and its accessories.

“USB 3.0 Type C, Something to prevent GPU sag, sound dampening, tempered glass, and front mounted fan controller” just to name a few of the demands and wishes of the community.


These requests have led to the creation of the MasterCase Maker 5.  This is a nice upgrade over the previous released MasterCase Pro 5 offering;

  • Upgraded I/O with 4 USB ports, including USB 3.0 Type C on the Front of the case
  • LED & Fan Control with support up to 6 fans and 4 LED light strips
  • Magnetic Paneling to better hold panels in place
  • Sound Suppression with padded front and top panels to lower noise and balance airflow

These options add a significantly larger selection for the MasterCase series.  Starting with the FreeForm Modular System external selection grows to now having either a high air flow or give your PC the silent treatment with new sound dampening front and top panels.  Both configurations retain the ability to mount up to 3x120mm fans or 3x140mm or a 280mm radiator like before.  On the inside you can start to look for replacement accessories such as;

  • Fan Brackets
  • Water Cooling Reservoirs
  • GPU Support Brackets

One of my personal favorite additions is the LED and Fan Control Board that allows for fan speed adjustments of either High (12v) or Low (7v).  While I would have loved to seen it include a slider and PWM Control it’s still a welcome addition.  Along with that the Control Board also can control LED Lighting strips with 3 modes; on, off, and breathing effect.



Cooler Master has set out to build a case that can meet most all demands from their MasterCase 5 to the MasterCase Maker 5 and the options to upgrade the base model to the options you want and nothing more.  In addition to a growing selection of accessories they have influenced Makers to begin offering accessories for the case as well, so buyers would have more than CoolerMaster to look to for their customization desires.  With an MSRP of $199.99 it’s pricey for sure, but what are your thoughts on this approach to the case market and does it interest you?


Power Your Passion and #MakeItYours with Cooler Master

Cooler Master is reaching out to the community and looking for feedback on how you use your setup for work or play.  Whether your Passion is Gaming, 3D animation, Modding, or Design work they’re interested in your story and want you to share it with them

If you’re interested each out to Cooler Master here and share your passion with them!

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