Control: AWE DLC Gets 15-Minutes of Moody Gameplay, Alan Wake Crossover Further Detailed


Last week Remedy Entertainment pulled the curtain back on Control: AWE, the game’s final big update, and surprise surprise, it turns out the DLC is actually an Alan Wake crossover! Today Remedy showed off roughly the first 15 minutes of AWE gameplay, and provided some more details about the Alan Wake crossover and connected Remedy Universe. First up, check out the AWE livestream below (jump to around the 18-minute mark for the gameplay).

Control: Ultimate Edition Available for Free Through AT&T’s Streaming Service

Here’s what Remedy creative director Sam Lake had to say about Alan Wake’s role in AWE…

AWE stands for "Altered World Events," [which are] events where paranatural forces breach our world and there can be terrifying consequences. In the aftermath of the Bright Falls AWE, Alan Wake was trapped in this nightmarish dimension called the Dark Place, and now in the AWE DLC you'll be finding out more about that. […] We're building a connected Remedy Universe, and AWE is the first crossover even. Alan Wake and Control exist in the same world.

In addition to the juicy crossover info, some other AWE details were also revealed. The arcade machines we briefly saw in the initial AWE trailer will allow you replay certain boss fights and access a full Horde mode, which will reward players with new costumes (including the orange and white one seen in the new footage) and other goodies. AWE will launch alongside a free update, which will include the addition of more checkpoints, a Launch upgrade that allows Jessie to handle three objects at once, and new accessibility options.

Control is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The AWE expansion launches on August 27. Remedy also recently announced Control Ultimate Edition, which includes all the game’s DLC and visual upgrades for next-gen consoles – it launches on Steam on August 27, the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PS4 on September 10, Xbox Series X and PS5 before the end of the year, and physically on XSX and PS5 in early 2021.