Conqueror’s Blade Extended Siege Test Giveaway

Earlier this year, Booming Games entered into a partnership with to publish Conqueror's Blade, the upcoming medieval themed MMO war game. You might recall our previous coverage such as a developer interview with CEO XI Wang and, more recently, a hands-on preview from Gamescom.

Now there's a new Conqueror's Blade Extended Siege Test session scheduled between November 2nd and 4th and thanks to, we've got fifty codes that will let you play the game, to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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As suggested by 'Extended Siege Test', this session will focus specifically on testing sieges in two maps, Stalemate Creek (8v8) and Wall Fort (15v15). As such, the game's open world (arguably its main feature) won't be available this time around.

The level cap is 15. No NDA is in place, which means you can share anything you want from the test, but don't get too attached to your characters as progress will be wiped once the test is done. Client size is around 20GB. Enjoy!

Conqueror's Blade Extended Siege Test Giveaway

1. Create an account here
2. Use the provided CBT Key here 
3. Download game client
4. Login and play

Opening times of the servers:

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Character Creation:

  • Choose Gender.
  • Next Step: Confirm and proceed to the next step.
  • Choose Nationality which your character represents. This has no true gameplay impact, but it will make it easier to find players that have the represent the same countries.
  • Confirm and proceed to the next step.
  • Select your character’s visual features
  • Choose your weapon & Get a Nickname for your Character. Make sure every step is okay, then click on ‘Create’.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to enter the game. Make sure you don’t forget to choose the character you want to use in the ‘character list’.

You’ll start this test in the city, the gatekeepers won’t let you explore the open world during this Siege test. Your first quest will be prompted on the right side of your screen. The highlighted keyword in the quest can be clicked. For this, you will have to free up your mouse to use it on the UI, by pressing ALT. Clicking highlighted keywords in the quest will auto path you the correct NPC.

On the top of your screen, you will see “J” to queue for battle and select a map/scenario to start competing in with either 8v8 or 15v15 multiplayer.

Advise: follow the first questlines and attend the tutorial scenarios before going into battle. The tutorial will explain how to use siege weaponry and how to command your regiment of troops that you take into battle with you. It will also guide you to various NPC, for crafting, buying and upgrading instructions.

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