Confirmed iPhone 4G specs.


The specs of iPhone 4G have been confirmed before the Apple's WWDC keynote which will happen in a few hours. Steve jobs himself will announce the iPhone 4G at the event and it has happened for the first time that an Apple product has been leaked with full details. So here are the specs:

Form Factor:

- A square-ish shape with rounded corners.
- Metallic sides. Here’s how the central frame looks like.
- Very much similar to iPad.
- Flattened back, instead of the rounded one like the previous iPhone versions
- Back is made up of a very shiny material. Most probably plastic. Ceramic or glass is less likely.
- Same connector at the bottom.
- Speakers on the either side of the connector.


- iPhone 4G has 4.50 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches in terms of dimensions.
- It weighs 140 grams. Slightly heavier than iPhone 3GS.
- A front facing camera for video calling/chatting is there.
- A better back camera. The lense is noticeably larger than the iPhone 3G/3GS. Most probably iPhone 4 will have a 5MP camera which most /all of its rival Android phones have. The camera can also perform zooming. Only digital zooming, obviously.

- And yes, there is a flash light accompanying the camera! We might also see a flashlight application to use the flashlight separately as a torch. But that’s not much likely.

- SIM card slot is on the right side instead of top. Also it does no more support the standard SIM card. You will have to get a microSIM instead. Obviously, you can cut your current SIM to make it a microSIM.

- The screen has 960 x 640 confirmed resolution. But the screen size seems to be sightly smaller than iPhone 3GS.
- A noise cancellation mic on the top, next to the headphone jack.

- A standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.
- Bluetooth with stereo support but no file sharing.
- Unlike previous iPhone version, iPhone 4G has two separate buttons for + & – volume controls.
- Battery is a lot larger than iPhone 3GS, so you can expect extended battery life. Apple can even surprise us with the battery life as it did with the iPad.

- You’d be able to pair any bluetooth keyboard for text input.

- iPhone OS 4, obviously.
- Video Calling / Chatting using the front facing camera.
- May be an updated version of Safari.
- Multitasking.
- No flash support.
- May be an app for iBooks.
- SMS search. Just like the email search.
- Customizable home screen backgrounds.
- A better ‘new contact’ screen.
- Spell checker for all text fields.
- Most probably voice command support for text fields.
- A game center. A social service for gamers.
- Threaded email messages.

- A unified inbox will rock your world. It fetches emails from separate email accounts which you can adjust right from the iPhone 4 mail app.

- The contacts in emails, appear with pictures.
- A lot improved springboard.
- You can now arrange the apps in folders/groups.
- Folders can be sticked to the dock at the bottom.
- Safari can now play video right from the opened page.