Conan Exiles Gets a Full Xbox Series X/S Update Following Its Game Pass Debut

Conan Exiles

The survival MMO Conan Exiles isn’t as popular as it once was, but the game recently debuted on Game Pass, and it seems like Funcom is hoping for a revival on Microsoft consoles, as they’ve just released a next-gen Xbox Series X/S update for the game. In addition to improved resolution (a bump from 900p on native 4K on Xbox Series X), you’re also getting improved textures, lusher grass and foliage, volumetric fog and lighting, better viewing distance, and more. Overall, Conan Exiles is getting a pretty nice little glow up. Check out the Conan Exiles Xbox Series X/S update trailer, below.

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Looking good! Conan Exiles also recently launches the major Isle of Siptah expansion, which adds the titular island rich with beautiful sights and some downright Lovecraftian beasties. Check out a trailer and description for the Isle of Siptah expansion, below.

Wash ashore the mysterious Isle of Siptah and jump into the battle for survival in this hostile environment. Explore the massive new island map and discover the ancient vaults of the elder races. Survive the punishing storm which rages at the center of the island and fight against the dark creatures of the outer void which spawn within it.

Take control of the powerful surges of sorcery and open portals to the outside world. Face dangerous challenges and enter the ominous tower of Siptah to reap rich rewards. Build mighty castles out of stormglass or protected tree-top villages out of flotsam. The Isle of Siptah lies before you and a new adventure is about to begin!

Conan Exiles is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PS4, and is playable via backward compatibility on PS5. No word on when/if a native PS5 of Conan Exiles is coming, but it seems Funcom is focusing its efforts on Xbox for now.

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