Code Vein Has Shipped Over Two Million Units Since Launch

Alessio Palumbo
Code Vein

Code Vein, the Soulslike action RPG developed by Bandai Namco and released exactly two years ago, has now surpassed two million units shipped in total. The news came in earlier today via the game's official Japanese Twitter account.

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Of course, that doesn't tell us exactly how many of these Code Vein copies have been effectively sold, but it should be relatively close to two million units. Whether that's enough to warrant a sequel is unclear yet.

In his review of the game, Rosh Kelly defined Code Vein 'the edgier cousin of Dragon's Dogma'.

Code Vein is quite a lot of fun. The art style is interactive Japanese anime and it does look really cool. The character models are incredibly detailed, although the game uses that excuse to undress nearly every woman they come across and a lot of the men. Monsters are varied and with pretty cool design choices that make them stand out. The locations, while initially interesting, don’t do much, with literal car parks to explore. Also, for some reason, the game has decided to have a large swamp region down a pit just to make you think it is trying to be Dark Souls. It’s weird.

There’s plenty of room to explore the ruins you’ll wander, and you can get anything from a new weapon to old cologne. But it doesn’t take you long to start noticing the suspiciously still enemy bodies that scatter a lot of floors that definitely won’t get up and attack you once you walk past them. It’s a trick that feels overused after only a handful of hours and Code Vein doesn’t really slow down their use.

While Code Vein has a lovely art style, the story is the boring kind of bonkers. The combat is fun and the exploration satisfying, but the locations feel repetitive, the sidekicks annoying and in the end, it feels like Dragons Dogma's edgier cousin.

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