How to Clear YouTube Watch History & Search History

YouTube Watch History

Here's how you can clear YouTube Watch History and Search History on iOS, Android and the Web.

Clear Your YouTube Watch History & Search History to Start Things Fresh

So there you are sitting on your couch binging on YouTube videos. Obviously, after a few minutes (or hours) you take things a little too far, ending with all sorts of weird and odd suggestions on your YouTube homepage. That's the point you realize 'YOLO' wasn't the way to go, and it's time to clear your Youtube Watch History and Search History in order to bring things back to normal. The process for doing so is very, very simple, and all it takes is a few seconds and a certain amount of clicks or taps, deepening on what device you're using to do it.

Clear YouTube Watch History & Search History From Web

1. Assuming you are signed into your Google account, open the website.

2. Once here, click on the History tab at the left of the page.

3. You'll now see two tabs on the right Watch History and Search History. Select each and clear the history as required.

Clear YouTube Watch History & Search History Using iOS or Android

1. Launch the YouTube app on your iOS device or Android.

2. Tap on your profile picture at the top right to see your account related settings.

3. Now tap on Settings.

4. Tap on Clear watch history and Clear search history to get things done.

Pause Watch History is a Feasible Option for Many

In a lot of cases giving up the entire search and watch history is just not feasible. So, instead of deleting things and knowing you're at the best possible setting for your YouTube account in terms of history, opt for pausing your history instead. That way, nothing new or odd will show up in your history and things will remain as pristine as possible. You'll find these options right where the clear history button is for both Watch and Search.

Wrap Up


Before you go ahead with clearing your history, please make sure you are not losing anything important. Once you hit that 'clear history' button, there's no going back at all. That's why I've mentioned the pause history option as well. This ensures things are exactly where they should be, without getting polluted by something extremely odd (or weird).

We will keep our readers posted on more guides such as these so stay tuned to our coverage.

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