Chrome 60 for Android Brings New Search Widget for Faster URL Entry


After rolling out Chrome 60 for Mac, Windows, and Linux, Chrome, last week, Google is now rolling it on Android.

In this latest rollout, the most striking addition is a new search widget that speeds up the process of URL entry, and by doing so, it speeds up the entire search process. It is a powerful widget that opens the Omnibox for URL entry immediately, as soon as you tap on it. It also includes the voice search option via Chrome. The widget is 4 x 2 in size, but you can resize it as small as 1 x 1 or as large as the home screen.

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Besides, the “Omnibox clipboard URL suggestions” feature is also available now, which began rolling out with the Chrome 59 version. The URL suggestions box now has a “Link you copied” option that pastes the recently copied clipboard URL. On other clipboards, the option of URL suggestion is available in the second spot of the dropdown list.

The desktop version of Chrome now has a new Incognito warning, but the mobile version remains the same as before. For developers, the Chrome 60 brings the updated Payment Request API for auto-filling checkout forms, which allows access to native Android payment apps. Also, the Credential Management API has been made simpler for easy implementation with user passwords now being returned directly as part of the Password Credential.

Faster Font Loading with Chrome 60

Finally, the CSS font-display property and CSS @font-face descriptor now allow faster font loading on websites. Earlier, the browser used to delay the loading of fonts until the font was downloaded. With all the latest additions to the CSS font display, developers can now specify when Chrome should display text during the font loading process.

About the delayed font loading process on Chrome, Google also noted:

Historically, Chrome has delayed rendering text until the specified font is available, to ensure visual correctness. However, downloading a font can take as long as several seconds on a poor connection, significantly delaying the time until a user sees content. Chrome now supports the CSS @font-face descriptor and corresponding font-display property, allowing developers to specify how and when Chrome displays text content while downloading fonts.

The latest Chrome 60 for Android is rolling via Google Play Store and will be available for all by next week.