Make THIS Christmas unforgettable with the help of Killing Floor

Valve is not the only crazy about Holidays, Tripwire is also crazy about holidays and they plan on making your Christmas a "Bloody" good one with the new additions to their game "Killing Floor" On Halloween Valve spooked us with Team Fortress 2 when they introduced a new haunted house map, and even a resident of said house named the "Horseless Headless Horsemen" who ran around the house spooking players and decapitating them. Now Tripwire plans to have some fun too with this brand new Killing Floor update (Free of course)

That's right say hello to zombie Santa, Zombie elves and even Zombie Reindeer in this Holiday decorated map. Don't expect any presents from these guys all they want is your blood 🙂 and as an additional bonus if you already own Team Fortress 2 WITH killing floor you get a free item in TF2 and you unlock the Pyro as a playable character in Killing Floor.

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