Choose From Various Renewed, Unlocked iPhone 11 Models in Multiple Storage & Finishes, Starting From Just $489


The iPhone 11 continues to be one of Apple’s top-selling products, and its price cut after the iPhone 12 launch, makes the deal even sweeter. However, there are those that seek an even better deal, and you shall have it, in the form of a renewed, unlocked variant of the same model. This iPhone 11 is part of Amazon’s Renewed Program and if you are unfamiliar with it, we have shared some details below.

Product works and looks like new. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

-This pre-owned product is not Apple certified, but has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers.

-There will be no visible cosmetic imperfections when held at an arm’s length.

-This product will have a battery which exceeds 80% capacity relative to new.

-Accessories will not be original, but will be compatible and fully functional. Product may come in generic Box.

-This product is eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt if you are not satisfied.

These versions of the iPhone 11 are available from $489, are fully unlocked, and come with 64GB of internal storage. Of course, multiple storage variants and colors are available to purchase for a higher price, but it is still lower than what you get for a brand new model. In short, you will have considerable savings, along with ownership of a device that needs no introduction.

However, we still have to inform you that not all colors have the same level of stock available, so if you prefer a different finish and storage variant, you should move with haste by choosing one from the list below.

iPhone 11 in (PRODUCT)RED, 64GB, available for $489 onwards

iPhone 11 in Black, 64GB, available for $502 onwards

iPhone 11 in Yellow, 64GB, available for $517 onwards

iPhone 11 in Green, 64GB, available for $496 onwards

iPhone 11 in Purple, 64GB, available for $498 onwards

iPhone 11 in White, 64GB, available for $504.95 onwards