Choetech’s 2-Pack of USB-C to USB-C Cables are Way too Cheap at Just $4.99


Have a MacBook, iPad or Android device that needs a brand new USB-C cable? How about two of them for a price of just $4.99?

Choetech has been making strides in the mobile space by forging some of the finest accessories around. Their USB-C cables are highly rated and they are priced so low that everyone can have a shot at them. Today, the company is stepping things up a notch by offering a 2-pack of USB-C to USB-C cables for a price of just $4.99. At first I thought this was some sort of ruse, but it is not. These are high quality USB-C cables that offer a wide range of compatibility with a ton of devices, including the iPad, MacBook as well as countless Android devices out there. All for just $4.99!

The two cables in the pack come in two different lengths - 3.3 and 6.6-feet. What this means is that you get a pack of cables that is versatile and can be used in different situations. You can use the shorter cable in a car for charging your own device, or use the longer cable on a work desk or a bedside table where the power outlet is a little far away than usual.


Both of these cables have a high power rating and will handle charging speeds of up to 20V 3A. If you do the math, that's 30W of power in total. Basically, you can charge pretty much everything at full speed with it. Whether it's an iPad, MacBook or Android device, this cable will take care of the power business like it's a piece of cake.

Interested parties can pick up the cable from the link below. Just make sure that you enter the special discount code at checkout in order to bring the price of the cables down to just $4.99 otherwise you'll end up paying the full $10 MSRP.

Buy CHOETECH USB C Cable, 2Pack [3.3ft & 6.6ft] USB Type C Fast Charging Cable - Was $10, now just $4.99 using special discount code 62T7HZRD

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