Chieftec Introduces the CL-02B-OP: A Unique mATX Cube Case

Evan Federowicz
Source: Chieftec

Chieftec has introduced the CL-02B-OP mATX Cube chassis, which features an all-black design and an innovative opening mechanism allowing for a significantly easier time installing nearly any PC components. This compact design also ensures that users can easily hide away the PC below or near their desk. The chassis' compatibility offers a wide array of compatibility for long graphics cards, CPU cooler, and ATX Power supplies. The CL-02B-OP mATX Cube chassis is stated to become available in February but has yet to release a price for this unique Cube PC chassis.

The CL-02B-OP mATX Cube PC case features a mesh front panel and a unique way to open the case to access the internal components

The CL-02B-OP mATX Cube PC chassis features an all-black design allowing this case to fit into nearly any PC setup or home office. This mATX PC chase feature is part of Chieftec's mesh series, which allows for a higher rate of airflow through the chassis. This chassis's unique way to allow internal access is perfect for builders that commonly swap out components or install new components.

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Source: Chieftec

The CL-02B-OP mATX Cube PC chassis is extremely flexible in terms of hardware compatibility. This is showcased in the maximum supported power supply length is 160 mm; this case can also support a CPU cooler height of up to 160 mm and support a maximum graphics card length of 320 mm. This widespread compatibility ensures that even the most powerful computer should be able to fit inside this PC chassis.

Source: Chieftec

The front of this case features two 3.5 mm jacks for a microphone and headset and two USB 3.0 ports. Interestingly enough, This case can support both a 5.25" optical drive and a 3.5" optical drive, and this is interesting because support for a 5.25" optical drive is rarely seen in desktop PC cases. For storage, this case can support two 3.5" drives and up to three 2.5" SSDs allowing for a large number of storage options to be installed in this case.

Chieftec has yet to announce the CL-02B-OP mATX Cube PC chassis price but has stated that this case is expected to be available in February 2021.

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